Who’s on Your Ballot?

These are the candidates on the Republican ticket for the May 2020 Primary:

Clerk of the Circuit Court 2:

Hanlon, Kelsey

County Council (3 at large):

  • Warner, Norm

  • Chesser, Polly

  • Woodall, Andrew

  • Browning, Daniel

  • Wood, Andy

  • Barnett, Barron

  • Clark, Rodney

  • Casebeer, Amy

  • Whitaker, Andrew D.

County Commissioner:

Voelker, Tony (District 2)

Curry, Bob (District 2)

Frank, Angie Wood (District 2)

Dubois, Dale (District 3)

Shunk, Ric (District 3)

Henderson, Terry (District 3)

Risk, David L (District 3)

County Auditor:

  • Steward, Patty

  • Reeves, Sheila

All Precincts:

Keith, Verl (CLAY 1)

Daniel, Roger (CLAY 1)

Gentry, Linda (FRANKLIN)

Jordan, Betty (HARRISON)

McKowen, Joshua (Harrison)

Short, Kenny (JACKSON)

Melton, Greg (JEFFERSON)

Steward, Patty (JEFFERSON)

VanDerMoere, Don SR (JENNINGS)

Lunsford, Christopher (Lafayette)

Hutson, Christine (MARION)

Warner, Norm (MONTGOMERY)

Warner, Lori (MONTGOMERY)

Hainey, Roger (MONTGOMERY)

Whitaker, Andrew (Montgomery)

Williamson, Steve (MORGAN)

Robertson, Nick (TAYLOR)

Edwards, Patty (WASHINGTON 1)

Weaver, David (WASHINGTON 3)

Hall, Viola (WAYNE 1)

Woodall, Andrew (WAYNE 2)

Burton, Gary (Wayne 2)