Who’s on Your Ballot?

These are the candidates on the Republican ticket for May 2018 primary

Clerk of the Circuit Court:
Robertson, Peggy
Woodall, Andrew “Drew”

Convention Delegate
Abrell, Jennifer
Abrell, Tom
Steward, Patty
Voelker, Anthony
Voelker, Kim
Woodall Andrew

County Assessor:
Anderson, Kenneth w

County Commissioner:
Barnett, Barron
Dunigan, Kimberly
Minnick, Donnie
Roberts, William “Billy”

County Coroner:
Dhom, Lorna
Frank Angela

County Council ( Dis.1 )
Robertson, Nick

County Council (Dis. 3)
Hess, Chuck
Oliver, Jim
Short, Kenny

County Council ( Dis. 4)
Browning, Daniel
Keith, Verl

County Recorder:
Foster, Loretta
Miller, Brenda

County Sheriff:
Carmichael, Scott
Hobbs Sam

County Surveyor:
Meier, Amy
Pursell, William

County Treasurer:
Stutsman, Diane

Prosecuting Attorney:
Vandermoere, Donald

State Representatives: (Dis. 44)
Baird, Beau
Norton, Jess

State Representatives: (Dis. 46)
Heaton Bob

State Senator:
Bassler, Eric

U.S. Representative:
Bucshon, Larry
Covington, Rachael
Moss, Richard

U.S. Senator:
Braun Michael