Who’s on Your Ballot?

These are the candidates on the Republican ticket for November 2018

Clerk of the Circuit Court:
Robertson, Peggy (R)
Roy, Linda (D)

County Assessor:
Anderson, Kenneth (R)

County Commissioner:
Roberts, William “Billy” (R)
Wood, Sandra (D)

County Coroner:
Frank Angela (R)
Neibel-Brewer, Tabetha (D)

County Council ( Dis.1 )
Robertson, Nick

County Council
Robertson, Nick (R) – Dist 1
Rummel, Janet (D) – Dist 1
Neff, Anton Karl (D) – Dist 2
Carnicello, Amanda (D) – Dist 3
Hess, Chuck (R) – Dist 3
Keith, Verl (R)- Dist 4

County Recorder:
Foster, Loretta (R)
Stanley, Michael J (D)

County Sheriff:
Hobbs, Leonard “Sam” (R)
Foutch, Richard (D)

County Surveyor:
Pursell, William (R)

County Treasurer:
Stutsman, Diane (R)

Prosecuting Attorney:
Vandermoere, Donald (R)

Judge of Owen Circuit Court:
Quillen, Lori Thatcher (D)

U.S. Representatives:
Bucshon, Larry (R) – Dist. 8
Tanoos, William (D) – Dist. 8

State Senator:
Bassler, Eric (R) – Dist 39

State Representative:
Heaton Bob (R) – Dist. 46
Marsili, E. Thomasina (D) – Dist. 46

U.S. Senator:
Braun, Michael (R)
Donnelly, Joe (D)
Brenton, Lucy (L)

Treasurer of State:
Mitchell, Kelly (R)
Aguilera, John (D)

Auditor of State:
Klutz, Tera (R)
Whitticker, Joselyn (D)

Secretary of State:
Lawson, Connie (R)
Harper, Jim (D)
Rutherford, Mark (L)