Get to know the Candidates!

 Amy Casebeer, am a lifelong resident of Owen County. I reside on a farm in Coal City that has been in my family for over 100 years. Throughout the years, I have seen many positive changes and growth. While much progress has been made, much work is necessary to ensure that Owen County continues to grow and develop into a fiscally stable and thriving county. Negativity and conflict needs to be replaced with positivity and cooperation. For this reason, along with a strong work ethic and innovative thinking, I am seeking the position of Owen County Council. 

With both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Indiana University, I have been a classroom teacher with the Owen County school corporation for 20 plus years. During this time I have been a natural and persuasive communicator, with an ability to energize and inspire individuals to work together toward a common goal. I am an active listener and completely consider and research others’ ideas before making decisions. Additionally, my work as owner/operator of several small businesses, along with Food Service Director for Spencer-Owen Schools, has taught me how to balance and prioritize budgets. 

If elected, I will never vote for an unbalanced budget, or one that is not beneficial for the entire community. The future of Owen County depends on people who will work together. Cooperation and teamwork is essential for the growth and success of the county. Owen County needs to be a place of pride, not shame and embarrassment. A place where all voices are heard, and every suggestion is taken into consideration. A place of growth and prosperity, and where people can raise their families in a safe, and economically sound environment. This is my vision for Owen County, and, if elected, I will work relentlessly to ensure the best for Owen County. 

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